Message from Principal

The beginning of the year always holds such excitement and promise for us. It is an annual practice of opening our doors to share with you our hopes and dreams for the year. I speak for all of St. Mary’s Academy Charter School (SMACS) staff when I say, “What a blessing and a privilege it is to serve you, and the sky’s the limit – especially if you’re an Eagle!”

This is the time of year when we identify our goals and determine how we will spend our time, energy, and resources in the service of our students. Our teachers and our school Campus Improvement Committee are already working on our official Campus Plan. I’ll spare you the details and hit some important highlights.

I would like to outline what I believe to be the three most critical measures for SMACS, and how these will manifest themselves this year.

Student Wellness

SMACS is a place where we build relationships and create a sense of wellness. We will work with students on self-esteem, respecting differences among each other, and becoming aware that all students have their own uniqueness they bring to our school community.

Academic Growth

SMACS is a place where all students will make academic growth. Last year, we saw exciting gains school wide. The percentage of students achieving “Meets” and “Masters” on the STAAR Test in both English Language Arts and Mathematics showed improvement. Our teachers deserve the credit for this growth. Their care and skillful collaboration is what allows us to continue to narrow the achievement gap. Each of our teacher teams has already begun developing their theory of action on how to reduce the gap further.


SMACS is a place where all students have meaningful opportunities to solve authentic and relevant problems. Our world is changing and the classroom of the future is vastly different from that of the past. Our generation Z children have grown up Googling everything they need to know. Using technology to link their curiosity and innovative ideas to the “real world” will create leaders.

Fostering student wellness, academic growth, and technology advancement will engage students in future knowledge.

Thank you,

Hirma Elizondo 

St. Mary's Academy Charter School Principal